The Rogers, Coming Soon!

Zahler Construction & Development is once again bringing the rare opportunity of new construction, modern finishes, and generous square footage to the iconic Mount Washington neighborhood. Enjoy the incredible location while living in this stunning 5 bedroom, 4 ½ bath home. The thoughtful floor plan will allow you all the conveniences and luxury of new […]

Briarwood Custom Home

Coming Soon! Zahler Construction and Development is beginning construction on one of three custom homes to be built in Mount Washington! Two of these homes, including this one, will be built on rare lots which have never before had a home on them in this diverse and beautiful neighborhood of Baltimore City. Every component and […]

Our Most Precious Resource – Water

Did you know that on our planet, the water that is useable to us is only around 1% of freshwater?  The rest of the water is saline, salt water or trapped within glaciers and snowfields making it unusable. As the world’s population continues to grow, our water available for use remains the same; leaving our […]

Renovations: Where to get the biggest return on your investment

Not every home renovation that you make will offer you a high return on your investment. Some of those upgrades that you may want or need to do can cost you more than you think. If you are choosing to renovate for your enjoyment, it can be worth it. If you are doing renovations with […]

Getting Settled Into Your New Home

Congratulations!  The mortgage papers are all signed, and you have received your keys to your new home.  You think that the stress is finally over, but there is still moving day looming.   There are a lot of things that must not be overlooked before you can put your feet up and relax.  Moving can be […]